Our Mission

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion. Buddha

About Buddha

Our treatment approach is firmly grounded in solid psychological theories and empirically tested research.  Our therapy is driven by unconditional empathy and open mind, compassion and genuine desire to heal psychic wounds, improve mental well-being and human relatedness, nurture talent and encourage personal growth, and to experience authentic happiness.

We believe in the resilience of our clients and their ability to make positive changes in their lives and to heal and grow with our unyielding support, respect and understanding.  We consider it our mission not only to assist our patients in overcoming their dysfunctions but to facilitate our clients continual self-actualization and their ability to fulfill their deep human potential.

We realize that the decision to reach beyond yourself and to seek help from another human being is a courageous act and we feel honored that you entrust us with your mental health.

While the primary goal of our therapy is to treat your presenting complaint, ameliorating your symptoms as quickly as possible, the therapeutic process itself facilitates growth through which you will:

-        Improve your overall sense of well-being

-        Develop better coping techniques

-        Enhance your emotional regulation

-        Discover effective ways of handling stress

-        Learn problem solving strategies

-        Ameliorate your sense of self-efficacy

-        Sharpen your relationship skills

-        Reduce irrational and negative cognitions

-        Motivate you to strive to self-actualization

-        Build the groundwork for a happier life