Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence is a particularly difficult time in our lifecycle. Adolescents become preoccupied with their internal world, a phenomenon called ‘adolescent egocentrism, and they believe that the feelings they are experiencing are unique to them. In addition, many teens feel that everyone is judging them, a phenomenon referred to as imaginary audience. Therapy helps adolescents to make a smoother transition into young adulthood and to deal with the following issues:

-        Body image issues

-        Eating Disorders

-        Sexual acting out

-        Challenging Authority

-        Cyber Bullying

-        Gaming Addiction


Therapy helps children and adolescents to:

-        Control their worries,

-        Improve attention span,

-        Manage anger and acting out,

-        Increase frustration tolerance,

-        Strengthen impulse-control,

-        Improve assertiveness,

-        Ameliorate social skills,

-        Develop capacity to empathize,

-        Withstand peer-pressure

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