Adult Therapy

Individual psychotherapy helps adults to identify and resolve personal and interpersonal problems and issues from by examining and changing their cognitions. Through the process of therapy-facilitated introspection adults gain insight into their psychic and social dynamics, analyze core beliefs that sustain their deficiencies and learn to recognize their strengths and change their dysfunctions by adopting positive thoughts and behaviors.

Recent statistical report show that over 20% of Americans, or 1 in every 5 adults, suffers from a mental illness or addiction, and the incidence is rising. Economic pressures and the hectic lifestyle of dual income families leads to stress, anxiety and depression. Our clinicians have extensive experience in treating the following conditions:

- Trauma and abuse

- Depression and Mood Instability

- Anxiety, OCD and Phobias

- Sexual  Dysfunction and Compulsivity

- Sexual Identity Issues

- Addictions and destructive habits

- Career Changes and Life Transitions

- Separation and Divorce

- Grief, loss and bereavement

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