Child Therapy

Childhood is supposed to be a happy care-free time in our lives. Yet more children than ever before are diagnosed with psychological disorders from attention-deficit to oppositional defiant disorders to depression.  Many children face challenges related to attachment disorders, sexual abuse, self-harm or post-traumatic stress disorder. Early intervention is the key in helping your children to overcome emotional problems, to adapt to changing circumstances and to thrive. We help children deal with the following issues:

-        Bullying

-        Shyness

-        Divorce

-        Relocation

-        Death in the family

-        Loss of a close friend

Our therapists engage children in both play therapy and narrative therapy and our child treatment room is designed to provide children with interactive and stimulating environment which draws them into the therapeutic process by delivering interventions through child-friendly media, such as computer exercises, draw erase board and therapeutic board games. Being parents ourselves we know the importance of building rapport with our youngest clients by relating to them through their world. In conjunction in working directly with the children, our clinicians also work with the parents to improve parenting skills and design behavioral modification plans to shape the desired behavior of the child through positive reinforcement.

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