Couples Therapy

Almost every relationship goes through peaks and valleys and there are critical points in the life of a couple when couples counseling can help improve the relationship. Repressed disappointments and insults become like untreated wounds that fester or become psychic scars, or constant reminders of how your partner let you down. There are numerous reasons to enter couples therapy with the most common being: -    Infidelity -    Infertility -    Estrangement -    Poor communication -    Loss of sexual interest -    Conflicts (money, sex and in-laws & children) -    Crises (loss of job, death of a loved one) We have extensive experience working with couples of all ethnic backgrounds, ages and sexual orientation.  
Co-parenting Counseling

Many couples benefit from a parenting coordinator who assists them in resolving conflicts related to shared custody and co-parenting. The stresses of residential changes, economic hardship and role changes often compromise parents’ capacity to co-operate in meeting their children’s needs for safety, care, control, education and relationships with each parent. Through therapy the couple will [...]

Marital Counseling

Today’s couples are facing more challenges than ever before – economic hardships such as burdens of student loans, underwater mortgages and dual careers and lack of extended family and community support. Without a strong bond built on the ability to compromise, cooperate and communicate clearly the pressures of daily living chip away at the love [...]

Premarital counseling

Who doesn’t experience worry and doubts before tying the knot? Our anxiety is well grounded – while we all grow up with the notion of “happily ever after” – over half of marriages end in divorce and half of all spouses engage in extramarital affairs. And many of those who do remain married become estranged, [...]

Separation Counseling

Everyone knows that “breaking up is hard to do” and therapy can ease the pain and difficulty of uncoupling. Being able to process feelings inherent in separating such as guilt, denial, anger, mourning and a loss of hope helps healing and expedites recovery, better preparing you for the next stage of your life. Figuring out [...]

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