We believe in humanistic, client centered, comprehensive approach to treating mental health issues. Our associates provide individual, couple, family and group counseling as well as medication management, both in person and via telecommunication services.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence is a particularly difficult time in our lifecycle. Adolescents become preoccupied with their internal world, a phenomenon called ‘adolescent egocentrism, and they believe that the feelings they are experiencing are unique to them. In addition, many teens feel that everyone is judging them, a phenomenon referred to as imaginary audience. Therapy helps adolescents to [...]

Adult Therapy

Individual psychotherapy helps adults to identify and resolve personal and interpersonal problems and issues from by examining and changing their cognitions. Through the process of therapy-facilitated introspection adults gain insight into their psychic and social dynamics, analyze core beliefs that sustain their deficiencies and learn to recognize their strengths and change their dysfunctions by adopting [...]

Child Therapy

Childhood is supposed to be a happy care-free time in our lives. Yet more children than ever before are diagnosed with psychological disorders from attention-deficit to oppositional defiant disorders to depression.  Many children face challenges related to attachment disorders, sexual abuse, self-harm or post-traumatic stress disorder. Early intervention is the key in helping your children [...]

Co-parenting Counseling

Many couples benefit from a parenting coordinator who assists them in resolving conflicts related to shared custody and co-parenting. The stresses of residential changes, economic hardship and role changes often compromise parents’ capacity to co-operate in meeting their children’s needs for safety, care, control, education and relationships with each parent. Through therapy the couple will [...]

Couples Therapy

Almost every relationship goes through peaks and valleys and there are critical points in the life of a couple when couples counseling can help improve the relationship. Repressed disappointments and insults become like untreated wounds that fester or become psychic scars, or constant reminders of how your partner let you down. There are numerous reasons [...]

Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on relationships within the family unit and requires other family members to be present. Depending on the issues involved, family therapy may be the primary focus of treatment, or as a supplement to advance the goals of individual therapy. Family therapy approach views family as a system which is greater than the [...]

Group Therapy

A therapy group usually consists of 3-8 people who meet on a weekly or biweekly basis with a therapist who serves as a facilitator. Anything mentioned during group sessions is confidential and group members agree to protect each other’s identity outside of the group. The environment of the group therapy provides a safe way to [...]

Individual Therapy

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We use the most commonly administered intelligence quotient (IQ) test, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, now in its Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV). It generally takes us about an hour and a half to administer it and it can be taken by anyone 16 and up. Children are administered their own version of the IQ test, Wechsler [...]

Marital Counseling

Today’s couples are facing more challenges than ever before – economic hardships such as burdens of student loans, underwater mortgages and dual careers and lack of extended family and community support. Without a strong bond built on the ability to compromise, cooperate and communicate clearly the pressures of daily living chip away at the love [...]

Personality Testing

There are two main types of personality tests: objective, or those involving standardized questions and answers, and projective tests which involve ambiguous questions and personalized answers. We generally administer the following battery of personality tests: at least one of the objective tests such as Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2), the 16PF, and the Millon Clinical [...]

Premarital counseling

Who doesn’t experience worry and doubts before tying the knot? Our anxiety is well grounded – while we all grow up with the notion of “happily ever after” – over half of marriages end in divorce and half of all spouses engage in extramarital affairs. And many of those who do remain married become estranged, [...]

Psychological Testing

Unlike many other counseling centers that focus solely on providing therapy, we offer a wide variety of objective and subjective psychological tests included but not limited to intelligence, personality, wellbeing, marital, relational and aptitude batteries. Whether you want to join MENSA, decide on what career path to pursue or to better pinpoint issues in your [...]

Relationship Testing

There are a number of tests that are aimed at measuring the functioning of the family, marital satisfaction and the compatibility of a couple. In our practice we often use the following tests to identify relational issues: Locke-Wallace Marital Adjustment Test, Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA), Marital Satisfaction Scale and Family Relationship Inventory.

Separation Counseling

Everyone knows that “breaking up is hard to do” and therapy can ease the pain and difficulty of uncoupling. Being able to process feelings inherent in separating such as guilt, denial, anger, mourning and a loss of hope helps healing and expedites recovery, better preparing you for the next stage of your life. Figuring out [...]


Due to the hectic lifestyles and dual careers many of today’s individuals cannot find the time for in-office counseling. We use video conferencing technology such as Skype so that we can conduct your session from anywhere to fit it in your busy schedule.


We routinely use the Quality of Life Inventory as a measure of positive psychology to give our clients feedback on the 16 areas of life that make up human happiness and meaning in cultures around the world. For patients presenting with symptoms of mood disorders we frequently use Beck Scales, such as Beck Depression Inventory, [...]